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At Multiplied By, we take a multi-disciplinary approach, offering brand, web, print and audio-visual design services.

It is a strategic decision to keep the development of creative output in-house. The purpose of this is to ensure the closest link between our clients and our team, improving the delivery of creative marketing that supports our clients’ business goals.

Our joined-up approach creates a seamless process through the brief, the pitch, delivery and maintenance, meaning you get a consistent, coherent brand, web and communications strategy. It is an agile methodology that our clients appreciate in both quality and speed of delivery.

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Brand identity

Your business identity is more than a logo. A true identity permeates the entire organisation and is revealed in online, internal assets, business process, signage, merchandise and uniform. Designed well, a brand identity should be distinct, rooted in the values of the business and fulfilling an adaptable role in communicating your business goals.

Print design

While our practice encourages a digital by default approach, this does not mean we live in a post print era. Many companies still require hard assets that attract, inspire and install confidence in their service. We consider value in print to be paramount, but never at the cost of quality.


Too many websites exist only as brochureware. That is to say they list products and services, but do little to provide a business process function. Multiplied By can support a transition to a more effective web presence, be that eCommerce, lead generation or process integration.

Audio visual

Video is now a ubiquitous component of successful online marketing. If a picture tells a thousand words, video can impart a million. It allows you to inject personality in a far more effective fashion. Multiplied By can deliver  animation, demonstrations, livestream or corporate interviews.

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