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Sustainable Futures Global

Design isn't life changing, except when it is.

Amongst a multitude of great causes the we have supported over the last decade, Sustainable Futures Global is one of the most profoundly important ones. As the creative partner in network, Multiplied By deliver tangible outcomes to communities in the global south, empowering academics and business networks in order to maximise the benefit that they can accrue from trade and aid.

Our branding work was one of the most ambitious pitches we ever delivered, counterintuitively suggesting to the client “this is not the correct brand for you, but you should use it anyway, for now”. And they did.

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The brand is a composite of icons that are important to the continent of Africa, the universities and organisations that make up the hubs and the people who serve the network. an important component of this and the wider design scheme are the patterns that weave through the marque, giving recognition to the use of fabrics in telling the history and stories of the great continent.


One of the great challenges of this project was designing a web site and resources that are not just of value to the network, but are also accessible to those who can benefit. Working with assumptions based on global north norms would ensure we have been unsuccessful, but we have delivered a website that we know will evolve to meet the needs of the global south, because is is designed to do so.


Being a member of the SFG network is an important component of the engagement. It is the responsibility of Multiplied By to ensure that the brand, the website and the creative assets produced become the possession of the the network and her members. Training both remotely and in person is a deliberate and scheduled component we enjoy.

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