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Argyll Financial

Small changes can make a big difference.

Argyll Financial are not a household name. Yet. They are, however, a massive part of the Dunoon High Street and wider business community. Our client, Iain Cairns, was an Independent Financial Advisor who saw a significant growth opportunity in his local IFA and purchased the business with strong intent.

That intent was unusual for a small business of this description, however. It wasn’t his goal simply to create growth, although growth was certainly part of his plans. His intent was to build a range of values. This included ensuring his products were of value to his clients – giving as much as he gets in return. Iain was also keen to promote the values of his business to contribute to Dunoon and the Argyll business community.

Trust was going to be important, and that is where Multiplied By got on board, working on brand, print, interior and now web services. Creating trust is what we do best.


This brand virtually designed itself, or at least that is how it felt. The trustworthy greens and blues were very much of Argyll and her geography – a wonderfully lush summit to sea environment. The marque “A” represented Argyll and was designed in a fashion that resembled a cairn, using the familiar triangular style of the Argyll patterns made famous in this part of Scotland.


We supported our client in delivering a significant refurbishment to their headquarters, in Dunoon, Scotland. This was a game changing investment for the company, increasing their footprint by a factor of 7 and housing a permanent base for Argyll Financial events, client engagements and providing a valuable resource the the local business community.


Our latest, ongoing, project is focused on bringing the web posture of Argyll Financial up to and in line with the wider brand. The focus remains on delivering the sense of a national company with local delivery and the blend of big picture, small details will again permeate the result. The service will also be built upon the Hubspot in-bound marketing model to ensure Argyll Financial deliver trust and value in their communication strategy.

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