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Our next training sessions are planned for the middle of May (SMEs) and the end of June (Not-for-profits). If you are interested in joining us and learning more about design, digital marketing and all things communication, register your interest to hear about upcoming training and networking sessions and le us know which topics you are specifically interested in.

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Learning Outcomes

This session will include:

  • overview of what content marketing is and its relevance in the not-for-profit context
  • an introduction to the six key pillars of content and where they provide a strong foundation for not-for-profit organisations
  • workshopped applications within various not-for-profit sectors
  • interactive discussion including the opportunity to network with delegates from other organisations
  • a discussion on organisational barriers to success in content marketing
  • a discussion on the benefits of getting it right.

Further details

Please note the following:

  • Places at this event will be limited to 12-15 delegates to allow effective interactivity;
  • The session hosts will remain online for 30mins following the event for an open forum discussion, Q&A and networking opportunities;
  • We encourage you to share registration details with colleagues in your sector.
  • Slides and information sheets will be available after the event, as well short video clips (video clips will not include delegate information or contributions without permission.)

Training hosts

Alasdair Currie


Alasdair Currie is the Agency and Creative Lead at MultipliedBy. With 15 years experience across brand, print, web and AV design, his practice is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients and the community he serves. With a background in marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, Alasdair seeks to inject intelligence and values in to the creative and communications process. The result is an agency known for well-considered design that makes a difference to the client. His company recently rebranded as Multiplied By to help articulate the exponential impact of providing creativity, intelligence and values-based communication. Alasdair’s creative extends beyond the studio and enjoys creating film, art and audio, including an ongoing two year project to publish a multi-platform music documentary.

Dr Elli Loose


Dr Elli Loose started her career in journalism, writing various award-winning journalistic features on social issues, such as drug use and online right-wing extremism. Her experience has broadened into digital engagement work, working with a range of charitable initiatives while studying for her PhD at the University of Glasgow.  Her proudest achievement is leading a social media campaign for a mental health charity for young people that was awarded £50,000. All this combined makes Elli well-rounded and versatile in discussions and getting messages across, no matter which medium. Elli has supported many MultipliedBy clients, including The University of Glasgow, The Global Ethical Finance Initiative, Supported, The Community Eating Disorder Charity and Giraffe Perth.