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About Multiplied By

A multi-disciplinary approach defines our agency

From the earliest days of Multiplied By, we have offered a service that consolidates the creative and delivery process in-house.

This approach has allowed us to help organisations act fast and deliver better results. This agility is vital in a commercial landscape where any delay can cost significant sums of money.

This multi-disciplinary approach removes costly third party engagement, ensures that there is a coherent style throughout the creative approach and speeds up the transition from proposal to delivery.

It is a methodology that has been sharpened in our work with business to business clients, particularly those at launch and growth phases, as well as organisations in the third and education sectors.

Who we work with

Start-ups and enterprise network agencies

Companies in a launch phase have a multitude of pressures. Budget, priorities, focus – these are all significant variables we empathise with. Our clients in this sector tell us that the opportunity to hand off significant functions of their business to Multiplied By allows them to concentrate on core, fee-earning, activities with the confidence.

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SMEs and high growth firms

A small business does not equate to small ambition. Many of the most innovative, forward thinking businesses we have engaged with are proudly boutique. Extending their influence requires careful selection of effective partners to maximise their income without adding to their overhead. Multiplied By are such a partner, providing vision and value to growing brands.

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Charities, global networks and the education sector

Not-for-profit organisations have the same challenges as commercial firms. In fact, their need to influence and engage in an accurate manner is perhaps even more acute than in a commercial context. Multiplied By offer these world changing organisations a valuable, agile service and full support so that they can concentrate on their great causes.

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What we offer

A multi-disciplinary design studio

To effectively reach your desired audience, it is important to have every tool available. We offer that breadth, ensuring brand, web, print and audio-visual design supports your business goals. Delivering rich content across various platforms and channels is an important characteristic; one that promotes trust.

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Understand your clients with Hubspot software

Your clients are not a monolithic bloc of users. Each client comprises of different personalities, motivations and requirements. If your current creative partner has a singular approach to your communication, they are doing you and your organisation a disservice. Multiplied By will offer you a segmented approach facilitated by Hubspot and delivering real audience insight.

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Constant, considered communication

When we bring the creative process and customer intelligence together, it means that your team can communicate in more precise, helpful discussions with your target audience. These conversations allow you and your partners to build a better understanding of each other, ensures you serve your customers in a more elegant fashion and create advocates in the marketplace via well supported, satisfied clients.

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Who we are

Alasdair Currie

Agency and Creative Lead

Alasdair Currie is the Agency and Creative Lead at MultipliedBy. With 15 years experience across brand, print, web and AV design, his practice is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients and the community he serves. With a background in marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, Alasdair seeks to inject intelligence and values in to the creative and communications process. The result is an agency known for well-considered design that makes a difference to the client. His company recently rebranded as Multiplied By to help articulate the exponential impact of providing creativity, intelligence and values-based communication. Alasdair’s creative extends beyond the studio and enjoys creating film, art and audio, including an ongoing two year project to publish a multi-platform music documentary.

Dr Elli Loose

Digital Marketing Manager and Values Lead

Dr Elli Loose started her career in journalism, writing various award-winning journalistic features on social issues, such as drug use and online right-wing extremism. Her experience has broadened into digital engagement work, working with a range of charitable initiatives while studying for her PhD at the University of Glasgow.  Her proudest achievement is leading a social media campaign for a mental health charity for young people that was awarded £50,000. All this combined makes Elli well-rounded and versatile in discussions and getting messages across, no matter which medium. Elli has supported many MultipliedBy clients, including The University of Glasgow, The Global Ethical Finance Initiative, Supported – The Community Eating Disorder Charity, Giraffe Perth and MsMissMrs.

Mark Glancy

Senior Graphic Designer and Commercial Lead

Mark joined multiplied by in September 2022 as Senior Graphic Designer and Commercial Lead. He has 10+ years as a graphic designer across in-house and creative agency roles. Mark thrives in a fast-paced creative environment and has particular passions for branding, typography and illustration. He believes that communication and establishing strong bonds with clients produce the best outcomes and carries this through his everyday practices. Mark has enjoyed many successes through delivering design for clients ranging from restaurants to the construction industry, from lifestyle coaches to multinational corporate entities.

Emilia Rubensson

Content Creator and Project Lead

Emilia Rubensson is a digital creative with experience working in video production, podcasting and social media marketing. They enjoy exploring different forms of creative expressions, including filmmaking, music, writing and dance. One of their favourite things about creativity is the storytelling aspects, and using different media as the building blocks for a wider narrative.

Emilia moved to Scotland to study Digital Media in 2015 and produced the film The Golden Shadow for their dissertation, which explores identity expression in role-play based video games. Some of the recent work with clients they have enjoyed is the AboutSUS podcast which was produced in collaboration with the Sustainable Futures Network, challenging ideas on sustainability as well as inspiring new ways of learning within academia.

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