If a picture tells a thousand words, let’s consider what 30 frames per second can achieve.


Video marketing is a tremendously effective communications tool and one that is increasingly accessible to small and medium sized businesses. With everyone spending more time online and being time poor, being able to communicate complex issues and brand personality can be rapidly accomplished with video that page copy and photography cannot. Even before the pandemic, the average person watched more than an hour and a half of online video content per day. This will undoubtedly have increased in the last 12 months.

With this in mind and with our unashamed love for creating video content, it can be no surprise that we highly recommend video marketing for small businesses and destination projects. Video has the ability to accomplish multiple brand objectives:

  • Develop brand awareness
  • Cross platform online presence
  • Reveal brand personality
  • Ignite social media interaction
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Cost effective production

Destination projects

When we work with clients in destination markets, what we hear time after time is “show me, don’t tell me”. And it’s true. Can you imagine visiting a hotel in Spain after reading a brochure that has no images? We are not booking that fortnight in the sun. Now, compare that to one that has a short video giving a tour of the living accommodation, some panning shots of the locality and an aerial shot of activities available close by, all brought together within a professional and authentic brand? Which do you think best articulates the benefits and is more likely to gain your trust and your booking? Video wins because video works. We have trust that they are showing us the best that experience has to offer. We can see ourselves cosying up in front of that fire or dusting off the cobwebs by taking a long leisurely walk along that stunning, white sand beach.

Food and Hospitality projects

As we note above, marketing is most effective when we can allow customers to place themselves in the experience. The food and hospitality sector has a proud reputation for producing stunning product photography and this can be hugely effective. However, until Microsoft or Google create smell-o-vision or taste technology, video is the next best thing. Video can present a picture that photography cannot: this could be a slow motion shot of a chef seasoning prime rib before it is served, steam gently meandering upwards, to a visibly pleased customer. We could be flying a drone across the blooming field of wheat as the farmer harvests the produce that will be baked in a local bakery. From farm field to the final frame, we can tell a story of quality produce and quality producers in a way that other mediums cannot. Not only that, we also make sure they are presented in their brand and with a voice they want to communicate in.

Small Businesses

Video helps small look big. The massive jump forward in the quality of accessible technology means that, with a relatively modest budget and a creative flair, growth businesses can compete for profile with the big players. Indeed, because many smaller enterprises rely so heavily on the personality of a founder, it allows these businesses to have the best of both worlds – a personal touch with a professional polish. On top of that, it gets your brand and business voice out there in only a few minutes.

Effective Medium

We have already established that it is powerful in presenting a story. What really makes it stand out is its ability to engage customers and clients. Like-for-like posts that use video over images or no creative at all are many more times likely to be reacted to, commented on and shared. This is the exponential effect of video.

Brand. Trust. Effectiveness. There is little not to like about using video.